It is 7:00 am in the morning & my alarm ringing high.Being so tired from training at the office and a test ,I snooze the alarm & sleep again.Somehow unlike the usual dry,humid & rough Mumbai mornings,I feel so fresh & want to sleep long.I am having thoughts running over my mind.I have to release an important report which is pending due to my training & maybe some documents to check.I get up at once & look out of the window & it is raining.Streets are  busy with people carrying umbrella & rickshaws running.One thing I love about Bombay is the city never stops.I have been staying in Mumbai for seven long years now and I am in love with this city.Once you have stayed in Mumbai, you find any other city in the country extremely slow.

I grabbed my cellphone lying somewhere in my bed & dropped a message that I am taking an off today.I know its not right to ditch work like this but I know that nothing urgent I have to deliver today and I will manage everything tomorrow.I missed Mumbai rains last year as I was in Norway for my office work.This season,in-spite of water logs,bad smell & long traffic halts, everyone is waiting for first rain which is already delayed a week.All this reminds me that it has been a year,I bought umbrella and never used it.The time has come to put it into good use.My things are so organised  but whenever I want something,I will have to reorganize everything.After struggling for an hour and arranging my things,I finally got my lovely umbrella which is now ready to be used.I am sure it will be difficult to catch rickshaws for few days as i see roads filled with water in very first rain of the season.Who cares? Right now I am just enjoying the fresh air scent from drenched earth and the breeze.

I slept for a while, made coffee for myself,missing my better half who is working in another busy city(He has no liking for Mumbai due to traffic,travelling etc reasons).We will be living together very soon but in some other city.I am stepping into a new start,in a different city and with someone who is going to be my roommate for life.Ours is an arranged marriage but we dated each other before saying ‘Yes’.Saying Yes is never so easy.It is a strong and wise decision after evaluating all odds and even.You cannot be in a trial version and step away that it did not work out. On the other hand,just for the fear of an unwise decision, you cannot hold yourself back.Someday,you will have to face the rain.It is your choice,if you want to dance in the rain or sit back.

Day has been so relaxing & here I am writing with my second cup of coffee thinking maybe I am enjoying Mumbai rains one last time.I hope it continues to rain in best way this year & I can enjoy it one last time with all the moments I have lived.Thank you Mumbai for making me a stronger and a better person. Gathering all  moments,I will enter into a new phase of life to make wonderful moments in a new city.With the hope in my heart to unturn future and enjoy my present,I finally step out to dance in the rain and drench my  umbrella.


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