Its called ‘comfort zone’ for the reason as the saying goes. Sounds logical and obvious at first instance, but it needs deeper thoughts to analyze the worth of it.

Let’s define the comfort zone first. It is a life style or a routine, we have evolved into, which gives us satisfaction, which fulfills our all primary needs at that particular time and which gives us a feeling of settled life. It is a wheel where we need to put same efforts daily but those efforts are not demanding as we are immuned to it. The yield is constant and we are good with it.

The only thing constant in human life is change.With no efforts of ours, we go through changes and we adapt them as and when they occur.Every growth in our life, since we take birth, is due to the change in the routine.As an infant we are on the mercy of our parents.They force us to start learning to walk.It hurts,it takes an effort,it seems easy the way it was in your mother’s warmth.But we do get out of that first comfort zone and this kick starts the never-ending fight within ourselves, whether or not to break the routine,we are set in.

The only thing in our body and life which is in our hand is the development of our brain.The primary reason we must try to break the routine is to discover oneself, to gain new experiences and to increase the yield,which can be in any form.

The biggest crime one does in life is to not explore within.Until we start saying yes  to the opportunities life throws at us,we will never know how much capable we really are and what our X factor is.

There will always be excuses of not doing any new thing. You will always see hundreds of reasons of why you should not do what you have been wanting to do and dreaming of.

Just think about that one reason out of others,to say ‘YES’ to the opportunity you have.Just make one more excuse,but this time to DO the thing and get out of the monotonous, non yielding, non progressing circle you have forced yourself in.

Let’s end(or start) with a better saying – ‘ We are not perfect human beings, nor do we have to pretend to be, but it is necessary for us to be the best version of ourselves we can be’.

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