Why I kept my blog post name ‘Close to reality’ ? We all have been searching for answers, deep inside us.I wish I could have a memory of what I felt like when I was born. That one feeling when you might have felt the best and protected and been truly loved. All the other forms of love I cannot even compare because somewhere we all are human beings and have a selfish appetite to our character. I remember having memory from the time they say, we develop our senses. I term it as a stupid sense. As we grow, our brain attains knowledge and learn about surroundings and people.We see,hear and learn and at that moment, we just want to know more and see more and do more. Because all we were told while growing are all good things will happen to us when we attain a certain level in our lives. After attaining the defined level, you still have the curiosity and your soul is still searching for answers to undefined unknown questions. There were many a times in our lives, when we truly wanted to trust someone and were equally hurt with the intensity you wanted to trust. We wanted to dive in something and believed that someone will not let us drown.Have we ever realized, might not be human being but maybe you helped yourself or some stranger or simply a thought. Sometimes when we are depressed, few words of someone can enlighten you to your core.For me, my energy is my mother. I can write endless words in her fondness but that is special to me and I cannot share with anyone.How this connect to what I initiated, I can explain. So, those of us who do not believe in any energy, I might give you a chance to think what you will term the energy that flows when you are sitting next to your mother. Whatever pain you are going through mentally or emotionally, everything subsides. For me, this energy is my mother.You may have it in some other name. Unlike many, I am not traditional or religious but I cannot deny the energy. To me my energy is in the form of truth,values.You feel comfortable around some people instantly and sometimes you just keep trying hard to be comfortable with someone you know for ages. Sometimes a Hello from someone or a smile makes your day but thousand fake words from someone do not make any sense to you. There are many of us who are void of such energy and keep on wandering in search of solace. For those of us, believe in yourself and do believe that you will surely get the peace if you keep your patience.I have found myself much at peace being close to this reality and I still have not stopped my search.